Saving Money by Comparing Gas Prices Online or With Apps

Unless you live in an urban center, and don’t need to commute too far, you probably live in a household with a car. Along with that car comes expenses, including the regular purchase of gasoline. As we know, in recent years those prices arent’ exactly low anymore. Thus, it just might be a good idea to compare gas prices in order to save money.

Now, first of all, I have to admit that I think that we should be careful not to go too far just to save a little bit of money on gas. Or, for that matter, anything. While saving money is very important, and of course a critical part of reaching financial freedom, it shouldn’t require spending ridiculous amounts of time to do so. Not to mention spending money or driving further to do so, which is convoluted and another topic for another day.

However, sometimes we can just spend a little bit of incremental time in order to save money. In these such cases, I think it might be worth it. One such way to save money on gas is to compare prices online, or via a smartphone app.

The one source I sought to check out was Gas Buddy, which honestly was simply top of mind to me. When it comes down to it, this is really quite simple and doesn’t take much time to do. Remember, time is valuable! Anyway, all it took was searching by zip code to get the most current reported low prices in the area. Just a few moments, and the prices were there!

I was quickly able to determine that there was a price variation of $0.20 per gallon in the local vicinity, from high to low. Additionally, to capture these savings, it wouldn’t really require any extra time or additional driving. So, it would be pretty close to incremental. Filling up 15 gallons, that would equate to $3.00 in savings. If you fill your tank 3 times per month, that’s $9.00. Annualized, that’s $108.00!

Of course, it’s hard to really say that there would such a wide range of prices at all times, and that it would always be possible to count on such savings. However, even if you could save 50% of this – meaning $54 – it’s not a bad annual total to save just for taking a moment to quickly search prices. Small amount add up!

Other sources (these were sites, not apps) that I saw were Mapquest Gas Prices, and MSN Autos. Ultimately, whatever you might prefer to use it of course up to you. But keep in mind that there just might be some savings to be had by taking a few moments to quickly compare gas prices.