Live your best life now

There is a saying that I’ve heard a few times before that I really liked, but don’t think about or act upon enough. It’s simply this: “Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal“.

While we hear sayings all the time that go over our heads, or simply don’t resonate for whatever reason, this one does with me. The reality is that life isn’t infinite, and it’s not really all that long when we think about it. If you’ve seen a loved one get old quickly, it really hits you how short and precious quality years of life can be.

How does this relate to money? Well, I think it applies to it in a couple of different ways, from different perspectives. Here are the two that I see:

Get Your Financial House in Order Quickly

It’s easy to procrastinate, and push off a problem to the future. The thing is, many problems don’t tend to work themselves out naturally. In the case of money, problems often get worse.

We all need to have money for retirement. It’s important practice smart, thoughtful retirement planning – especially since nobody will care more about you in your old age than – you guessed it – YOU!

The thing is, unless one is assured of a guaranteed pension, you must ensure that you’ll have cash flow when older. No matter what anyone thinks, it is insane to plan to work until old age. You don’t know how healthy you’ll be (or not), and it doesn’t matter if you can state examples of people you know who did work until older. The bottom line is if you do so by choice it’s fine, but if you have to do so out of necessity, it’s financially risky.

What I’m getting at is that there is no better time to start getting things on track than now. Not in a few years, not later this year, not next month. Not even next week. How about now?

Don’t Get Overly Consumed by Finances

Okay, this might seem like a weird thing to say after what I just said above. Not to mention this is a personal finance blog! However, I think that we need to also keep in mind that money is but one aspect of life. More important are the people we care most about, and our health.

So, why worry incessantly about finances at the expense of enjoying every day? Don’t get me wrong, I obviously think it’s critical to focus on making smart financial decisions every day. Being a personal finance blogger, I’m obviously passionate about the topic! However, we need to live every day and make the most of things. All the time. Much like anything else in life, we can’t put life on hold to get one aspect perfected.

Bottom line – live your best life now! Let’s make the most of every day, both in terms of our finances and other aspects of life. Value and enjoy each day, while doing the little things to ensure that future days will be enjoyed too.